If you're looking for a plain-speaking critical friend, who knows complaints like the back of their hands, then we're here to help you
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We only offer tailored solutions, because there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to our consultancy

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Caroline's quick rundown of our consultancy

‘The thing Sarah and I love about consultancy is being able to roll up our sleeves and mucking in on something that simply isn’t working as it should. It’s all about getting involved and starting to provide real, practical solutions to problems. 

And we’re not the types to swan in, launch everything up in the air and then glide out, leaving you to it. Oh no! We want to make sure we’ve given you everything you need to get it sorted, and if that means we have to tweak the agreement we’ve made with you, then that’s what we’ll do.

Being the straight-talking typeswe are, you can guarantee that even if what we’re saying is difficult to hear, we’ll be there all the way through the process, to get where you want your complaints process to be. We’re the critical friend you need.’  

Frequently asked questions

Consultancy is such a broad title and so we would like to get clear on what it is we offer and why using us is different to using someone else.

When we work with you, we offer a fresh pair of eyes that means you’re able to see your process, your policies and your systems in a different way. It’s not just about us knowing our onions, it’s about us being able to work with you, so you gain not only our knowledge and experience, but also so you know why something needs changing.

For us, it’s not about coming in, suggesting sweeping changes and then sauntering off. We want to work with you from start to finish and beyond to make sure it works for you, your staff and your process, systems and policies. It’s about building a trusting relationship, so that you know you can rely on us for our honest, up-front appraisal of what we see, and how it can be sorted out.

No two consultancy roles are the same and that’s why we’ll work with you to discuss what you would like, the time you have to spend on it and how much you want to spend at the very beginning.

We’ll then come back to you with an outline of what we can offer to resolve that issue at the start. Then throughout the time we work with you, we’ll check-in with you, so you never feel overwhelmed or lost in the process. It also means we check that we’ve not gone wildly off track.

When we get to the end of the work, we make sure you’re happy and satisfied with what we’ve done. If you’re not sure of something we work with you until you’re sure you understand everything.

For us, it’s not about ticking boxes, it has to work for you. This is why, every single piece of consultancy work we do is unique, because it’s not about a one-size-fits-all solution.  

Nope. Not at all, we like to make sure we’re offering quality, but for a reasonable price, which is why we work out the costs based on a daily rate. That’s it, no hidden costs, and no complicated pricing calculations. 

We simply establish your budget, what you want to achieve and then we tell you how much time we think it’ll take, outlining our costings based on this. 

CWSL is all about being straight forward and straight talking, which means the flexibility and honesty are key for us. What does this look like? Well, if for example, we quote you for a review, training and a follow up report and then part way through the work we realise that this isn’t going to work the best for your business and staff, then we will discuss this with you, to adapt the consultancy work we do. 

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