Expert Resource
If you’re looking for a resource at your fingertips, that means you can contact a couple of experts for help and guidance with complaints there and then, this is the option for you.
A tailored and bespoke resource
Every business is different and that means what you need from an expert resource will be unique to. That's why we tailor it to your requirements.

Our Expert Resource is your hotline to two complaints experts

This is the option for you, if you're looking for help with any aspect of your complaints process, but need access to expert guidance straightaway

Sarah's quick summary of the Expert Resource

‘If I was to summarise the Expert Resource, in a short, snappy couple of words, I’d call it the ‘Bat Phone’. For those not aware of Batman, this was the hotline to the caped hero when the police needed help in that moment.

And that’s what the Expert Resource is, a hotline to two expert complaint handlers (capes optional), when you need help with any aspect of your complaints process, or with complaints that you have received, sooner rather than later.

Because each business has different needs, we don’t provide a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to the Expert Resource. We tailor it to what you need from us, so that could mean you need us once a week, or twice a month. It could be you need to ask us about individual complaints, or you want to review aspects of your complaints process…it doesn’t matter. You tell us what you’re looking for and we work with your brief. Simple!’.  


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Frequently asked questions

Put simply the expert resource is a help desk that is at your disposal to ask any aspect of complaints handling. This would be set up so that anyone at your business would be able to use this resource, when they have a question.

This resource would be for guidance purposes only, and would not be something that can be quoted as being set in stone. Complaints are subjective, but would be able to provide you with our insight and experience in relation to that complaint, providing guidance to help you get it resolved before referral to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

You’ll be set aside a set amount of time each week and we’d be available to take your queries, either by email or by telephone. If there are any queries we’re unable to answer we will research this and get back to you, even if that falls outside your allotted time slot.

We’re happy to talk to you about any requirements that you have, get in touch. We can then explore what they look like and whether we can accommodate them.

This is a bespoke service, and so that would mean we would need to look at the amount of time this would require for you, the frequency of our availability and how much usage you would need for this service. As you can imagine that requires some discussion and thought, so get in touch and we can talk through that with you.

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