In-house workshops
In-house training that's tailored to your staff needs

Our in-house workshops cover all of your complaints handling needs, but tailored to your unique needs

This is the option for you if you have a team or a larger number of employees that you would like to attend the training

Sarah's quick rundown of our in-house workshops

‘The thing with getting a workshop to help you plug a knowledge gap, is that you often have to accept that there is content that simply won’t chime or engage your staff, because it’s not something they need to know.  That’s why with the in-house option, you know you’ll have the structure of our usual workshop, but you’ll be able to tinker with it, so it’s all valuable for your staff.

That’s the beauty of having an in-house option. You get to pick the subject and then tell us what you want or don’t want.

It also means that your staff come away from a training experience engaged and full of enthusiasm to apply what they’ve learned rather than feeling they’ve been cheated of their time.’  

Frequently asked questions about our in-house workshops

How tailored can it be?

As tailored as you like really. Yes, the basis of the training needs to be covered, so if you’re looking for training around, say Final Response Letters, then that would form the basis of the session.

But, you’ll be able to tell us where you’re really struggling and we can make sure that we spend more time on that aspect, rather than moving on to something that doesn’t pose a problem. 

How many can attend?

As with any course, the more people that that attend means less time for individual one-to-one time with the trainer. 

It’s for that reason we limit the number of attendees to 12 per session. Meaning that we will agree with you the number of times the course needs to run to meet your needs. 

Are we able to amalgamate workshops?

Good question! 

Yes you can, but obviously we would need to discuss your requirements in terms of the content, the timings, and the number of times it needs to be run in order to establish what that would look like. 

So, if this is something that you’d like to consider, get in touch. 

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