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If you're looking for flexible training that'll cover all the key aspects of your role, in convenient bite-sized chunks, then this is the option for you
Support for front line staff
Our training equips staff with the knowledge and skills to provide the complaints handling service that customers now expect
Training for managers
Our training helps managers to navigate leading and managing complaints and customer facing teams in a virtual landscape
Learning for Senior Leaders
Our training for senior leaders gives them the opportunity to review their complaints process from start to finish through the eyes of their customers

Our Online Academy is the flexible training solution

This option is for you, if you're looking for something that is tailored to your position in the complaints handling function and you want to be able to see results straightaway.

Caroline's quick lowdown on the Online Academy

‘If you were to ask me what it is about the Online Academy that works so well, it would be the fact that it’s so flexible, and targeted, but that it also gives you information in manageable chunks.

I mean how many training programs have you been on for seven whole hours, left all excited and then not had a clue how to implement those learnings? It was why we came up with this format, because it allows the processors out there, to grasp the learning, apply it and then be ready for the next step. 

We were also keen to offer something that gave businesses the option to have in-house learning, or one of our public academies. This means you can have something private, more be-spoke that addresses those knowledge gaps, or you can have the opportunity to learn with your industry peers. Something that doesn’t happen often in the secret squirrel world of financial services’.  

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Frequently asked questions

The online academy is a completely flexible training option for you and your staff. It works by providing bite-sized chunks of training about the key parts of complaint handling for the level it’s aimed at, spaced out to provide time to work with the new learning. The key aim is to enhance the learning experience, while making sure it fits around the needs of your business and its complaints handling function.

This style of training represents an alternative to taking staff out of their roles for a whole day and makes it more manageable for those of us that like to process information before moving on to the next subject.

There’s also no time to waste on fluff in this format so, everything we aim to cover within those sections is distilled down to the key information you need to know to work more effectively.

There are three levels to take account of the different positions within a complaint handling function – frontline staff, managers and senior leaders. Not only does this mean we can tailor the content to what you do, but it means no glazing over mid-session as everything is relevant.

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What makes this type of training more effective, is the fact that it’s a live, online and interactive format. And it caters for different learning styles, as well as the reflectors among us.

Before we start any online sessions, we provide an advance learning document, giving a solid foundation on the subject before we get into the meatier, dare we say it, the more interesting content in the actual session.

During each one hour guided learning session, the trainer is right there with you, providing training, answering questions, engaging with you throughout the session to provide a thoroughly immersive experience.

And the trainer remains available after the session for questions that might come to you later. All questions are then gathered into a post-session document and sent to all attendees, as well as follow up guides that demonstrate how the learning can be used straightaway.

We offer each online academy for frontline staff, managers and senior leaders in two formats.

In-house and bespoke 

We’re able to offer a single business, with a larger number of staff, the opportunity to have training that caters for them and their training needs.

We take the core sessions and any additional add-ons you choose (see Information about the in-house and bespoke academy section below), but we consult with you to make sure each session, and any documents, meet your needs. This addresses gaps and brings everyone within your team up to speed, ensuring they all have a consistent understanding of the key learning points. 

This works best for larger teams, teams that need to be cross-skilled or for businesses that want personalised training to address gaps. 

Public training 

We’re able to offer multiple businesses the opportunity to train with their peers across the financial services industry. This provides the unique chance for smaller businesses to learn from us along with their peers and pick up some tips, share gripes and network. 

This option provides the core subject sessions and one free-format session to consolidate the learning from across the academy. It addresses the areas that we know businesses struggle with, giving you the chance to share knowledge and experience, while gaining unique insights in a confidential training space. 

This works best for smaller businesses  or for those with smaller complaints handling teams. 

We tailor this academy and it’s sessions to what your staff need to know, with input from you, so that we’re filling in the gaps.

The academy is made up of seven hourly chunks covering various topics that are integral to complaint handling, depending on who the academy is aimed at (front-line, managers or senior leaders). This style of training represents an alternative to taking staff out of their roles for a whole day and makes it more manageable for those of us that like to process information before moving on to the next subject.

However, this format offers yet more flexibility because within the overall cost of the learning package. There are a maximum of six guided online sessions and one ‘free form’ session, which can be achieved by:

  1. adding up to one optional ‘add-on’ session to the original five core sessions, or
  2. switching out any number of the core sessions for the optional ‘add-on’ sessions.

Should you wish to add more sessions over the seven that the academy is designed to have, we can add any number of the ‘add-on’ sessions, as additional stand-alone sessions. These would be chargeable above the base amount charged for the academy.

The format is slightly different for the public online academy. Here, the academy is made up of a number of core sessions, covering all the things you need to know for effective complaints handling.

The beauty of this format is that you get to mix and mingle with your peers from the industry, which means you get a feel for what other people are seeing and doing out there. It’s all in strictest confidence, obviously, but it provides you with a unique learning experience and perspective into how others are dealing with complaints challenges.

The academy is designed to run with a maximum ‘cohort’ of 10 delegates, so you can learn together and can feel comfortable and have the opportunity to share  your peer group.


Both types of academy are designed to run with a ‘cohort’ of delegates, so that they continue to learn together and can feel comfortable to share amongst their peer group. The maximum delegates we can accommodate in one cohort is 10.

What's covered in each academy?

This is suitable for anyone on the front line in customer service, complaints handling or any staff member that would be expected to log a complaint at the front end.

 The core topics include:

  • What DISP says and how to work with it today and in the future
  • Getting the basics right when handling complaints
  • Working out the right amount to pay for distress and inconvenience
  • Making the most of using the phone
  • Writing well

Optional topics presently include (more are being added)

  • Working with the Ombudsman
  • Awards
  • The bigger picture – from spotting complaints to Root Cause Analysis
  • Final Response Letters
  • Supporting soft skills

This is suitable for anyone that works on the front line in customer service, complaints handling or would be overseeing or supervising a front line team.

The core topics include:

  • What DISP says about reporting, including Root Cause Analysis
  • Managing reduced resourcing, while still remaining productive
  • What does good look like? Implementing and maintaining effective monitoring
  • How to manage your team remotely
  • Building and maintaining your resilience to support you and your team

Optional topics presently include (more are being added)

  • Leadership skills while under pressure
  • Dealing with performance related issues and difficult messages
  • Communicating effectively

This is for anyone that’s responsible for a complaints handling function.

This online academy is different to the others. We take you from the start of your complaints handling process through to the end. You’ll be walking through it as through your a customer to gain insights into how your customer perceives you though your process, and what you can do to sort out any issues.

The core sessions cover a different part of your process:

  • How does a customer make a complaint to you?
  • Your introduction letter
  • The investigation
  • The Final Response Letter
  • Interacting with the Financial Ombudsman Service

Optional topics currently available:

  • Effective decision making under pressure
  • Reviewing your complaints process – does it work effectively under strain?
  • Analysing customer behaviour
  • Assessing your culture and its impact on your business

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