Trouble and Upset

Trouble and Upset (formerly Distress and Inconvenience), is a topic that businesses frequently struggle with. 

How much is the right amount? Do you set a tariff for each error? What if the consumer wants thousands, but you don’t agree?

We’ve pulled together some information here, to help you dip your toe in the subject.


We know that businesses struggle to understand and nail jurisdiction, because it’s complicated and confusing. 

How do you know whether you have a complaint that’s timebarred? Can this person complain to you anyway? 

It’s a massive subject, but we’ll give you some food for thought.

Final Response Letters

Final Response Letters are still a critical part of the complaints process, but you need to know how to write that letter that gets the right results. 

Why do you need to make the Final Response Letter work for you? What needs to be included? What makes a Final Response Letter great?

We’ve got some information to get you started here.  

Working with the Ombudsman

It doesn’t matter what size business you are, working with the Ombudsman can bring challenges. 

Why should you make the most of your experience with the ombudsman? How can you push back the right way? What happens if you have poor service?

We used to work for the Ombudsman so we can give you some insight. 

Telephone skills

Technology has moved at a fair old pace since telephones were invented, but they’re still here…and there’s a reason for that.

Why is the telephone tops for customer service? How do you build a working relationship with the client and set the tone for your conversations?

Sarah has worked for years on the phone and she shares her thoughts here. 

Wanting more?

We hope that has helped you understand a bit more about each topic.

We have workshops that accompany each of these topics, so if you want more knowledge and confidence get booked on to our workshops. 

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