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If you're looking for a critical, plain-speaking friend, who just happens to know complaints like the back of their hand, then you've come to the right place. We'll look over things and tell you where things can be improved or done differently. Simple.

Online Academy

If you're wanting training that fits around you, your staff and business needs, then this is the option for you. Our Online Academy is the flexible choice for training, covering all of the key aspects of your role, in bite-sized chunks over a time period that suits all learning styles.

Expert Resource

Have you ever wanted a real 'Bat Phone' for complaints? If you have then look no further, because it's here - a real, hotline to two complaints experts that know their complaints handling onions. **red phone, and bat shaped spotlight not included.


Our workshops cover both the usual suspects of complaints handling, such as effective Final Response Letters, getting Distress and Inconvenience nailed, and more. But we also offer a series of complaints workshops to bring our process up to date and into the 2020's