Workshops covering those key topics
Our workshops cover the key areas of complaint handling including Final Response Letters, Distress and Inconvenience awards and Working with the Ombudsman
Targeted training covering key topics in complaints handling
For those looking for something more targeted, our in-house workshops target the knowledge gaps of your staff

Our workshops are written for complaints handlers by complaints handlers making them practical and effective

This option is for you, if you need workshops that address key issues, or your looking for an in-house workshop to address a particular knowledge gap.

Sarah's lowdown on our workshops

‘I’ve always loved writing workshops, even when I was writing them for the Ombudsman Service. There’s something about taking a bland concept and making it more interesting, so that people want to engage with it. 

And that’s bled through into CWSL, because Caroline and I were determined that our workshops would be different. We wanted them to be more than just us droning on about Distress and Inconvenience awards, or Final Response Letters, which trust us, we can certainly do. For us, they needed to be an extension of our passion for complaints and provide people with proper skills and knowledge they could apply straightaway.

That’s why all of our workshops are about us giving you the key information and you applying it. Thats our “all killer, no filler” guarantee!’  

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Frequently asked questions

We’re firm believers that unless you’ve been on the frontline of complaints, you’ll not know what it’s actually like, so how can you give training on it? We know the issues that frontline complaints handlers and customer service agents face and we know the issues that businesses struggle with.

The issues that keep coming up are the ones that businesses aren’t able to find the answers to. Questions like:

  • How do we reach the right amount of Distress and Inconvenience?
  • What does a good, effective Final Response Letter look like?
  • How can we find out more about the Financial Ombudsman’s process?
  • How does consumer behaviour play into the complaints process?

Many of these questions were the ones knocking around when we first came to complaints, and so we know these answers are key to helping businesses get a grasp on their processes now.

However, we also know that many training experiences are just plain boring when it comes to complaints handling, which means people get little to nothing from them. That’s a waste for those attending and it’s not good enough for us, which is why we’re very keen to make the training, not just informative, but also engaging.

We have made the decision that we won’t be conducting any face to face training until 2022. We know it’s a big statement, but we don’t want to mess people about, and so for us, this means it’s crystal clear that all work will be online. It also reduces the risk of having to move dates, times and venues, which just messes everyone about.

We’ll keep you posted on any changes, but actually we love doing our training online, and we’ve had some great reviews about it too.

Training sessions are 3.5 hours long. We find that this is the optimal amount of time before people start to find their concentrations levels wavering and becoming ‘Zoomed’ out.

Before the session we’ll send all participants a prep document, which covers all the basics. It might also ask for pre-work to be done, or it might just get you thinking about things before we launch into the session.

We always have a Q&A session at the end of our training. This gives you the opportunity to not only clarify anything you’re not sure about, but also to pick our brains on something entirely off-topic.

Just a laptop or tablet, that is able to support Zoom. You don’t need an account, because once you’re registered with us, we send you the log in details. All you do is use those sign in details and we’re off and running.

If you’re a business looking for in-house training we’ll need to check your tech, but that’s simple. All we do is set up a practice session and run through to make sure it’s all working.  

As with all of our training, whether that’s an online academy or a workshop, you can either join us on one of our organised workshops or use the in-house options. Both come with their own benefits, and so you’ll need to decide whether you want the opportunity to meet other people from across the industry, sharing your knowledge and insight, or to have an in-house training session, which means you’re able to tinker with the content. 

Because, every business is different, the ‘in-house’ option allows us to work together to fulfil your needs and requirements, making this more bespoke to address your staff training needs. This working together means you get our knowledge and experience tailored to your needs.

But, then nothing beats networking and sharing knowledge with your peers…it’s a tough choice.

We offer a wide range of workshops and we’re constantly adding to them, because we want the format to be the most useful for people attending our courses.

There’s a range to whet our appetite below. We’ll announce when we add to our selection, just make sure you’re following us on LinkedIn. 

As you can gather we’ve had a problem with people not knowing whether they were booked in with us, which is why we cover it here.

For the avoidance of doubt, you will not be confirmed as attending any workshops until the payment quoted on our invoice/on Paypal is made in full to CWSL Training Services Limited. 

On receipt of payment, you will receive confirmation by email of your booked place. 

We cannot accept any responsibility for any costs incurred if you travel without this confirmation. 

Should you need to cancel your booking with us, please contact us as soon as possible and no later than 24 hours before the day of training. 

A refund will be provided in full should you not wish to transfer to another date, but we reserve the right to deduct any reasonable costs incurred by CWSL Training Services Limited. 

This workshop covers everything you need to know about compensation including:

    • A quick look at the Dispute Resolution (DISP) rules – what do they actually say? 
    • What ‘D&I’ is designed to do…and what it isn’t there for
    • Weighing the evidence and looking at the ripple effects that influence awards
    • Consistency in awards
    • Assessing levels of ‘D&I’ – getting to the right amount

Getting the right results when writing to the consumer

  • In this workshop we cover what you need to know to make the best use of your Final Response Letters and Summary Resolution Communications including:

    • Why you need the Final Response Letter to work for you
    • We take a quick look at the DISP rules around the Final Response Letter
    • The practical side of writing well
    • Top tips to help the letter land better with your customer
    • What you can do if there is a lack of evidence


This workshop covers what you need to know to make the most of your experience as a complaint progresses though the Financial Ombudsman Service including: 

    • A walkthrough of a case as it progresses through the service
    • Managing calls from investigators
    • Learning to read between the lines to better understand what you’re dealing with
    • How to push back if you don’t agree 
    • How to make a good case to persuade the ombudsman
    • Dealing with poor service

We also offer workshops through the following organisations

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The Finance and Leasing Association

During 2021 we'll be running our Final Response Letter and Distress and Inconvenience workshops, along with three further workshops unique to the FLA all about complaints strategy.

UK Finance

During 2021 we'll be working with UK Finance - watch this space for more information.

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